I’m a craftsman. When I first set up my London studio I took photographs on a large format film camera that captured every tiny detail. There was no post-production on a computer – no margin for error or adjustment later. If anything was out of place it could be an expensive reshoot and a disappointed client.

So it had to be right first time and every time or you probably lost the client. Twenty years I still shoot in the studio, albeit with digital cameras – and the client who gave me my first commission. 

I brought this same dedication to detail and perfection to my travel photography and my pictures now feature on the covers and inside the best travel guides;  DorlingKindersley, Insight, Lonely Planet, Frommers... They have also appeared in all of the British national newspapers from the Daily Telegraph to the Daily Mirror and been reproduced in hundreds of other publications; from Saga magazine to Michael Palin’s books. I’ve also worked with major charities like the British Heart Foundation and the National Children’s Bureau.




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